Friday, December 3, 2010

Rest or something like it

(This is a picture of a picture, obviously. The picture is hanging on the wall at my desk. I think of this picture when I am being crazy and obsessive. It helps me relax as I remember the feeling of driving on open highway on a Spring break road trip I took in seminary. My friend Becky and I went to see our lovely friend Amber wed the love of her life. We covered most of the Southern Stated that week as we headed to the Carolinas. We also drove 3 hours in the wrong direction; it was amazing. Driving and roaming often heal my heart. I am ever so grateful for the ability to wander.)

I am looking forward to this weekend, I am looking forward to sleeping in, cleaning my house, decorating for Christmas, celebrating Dani's birthday, sipping coffee with Elaine, attending my first Christmas parties of the season, teaching small children old testament stories, and resting Sunday afternoon. It will be fabulous and I really do love my life.

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