Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Failure, Cheestastic Quotes and my Chick Flick Life

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The above image is cheesetastic - soon you will understand why I love it so.

Last week as I was running it occurred to me that somehow my life has become much more like a movie than I ever really expected it to. At the end of next month I am flying home to attend a wedding of a former student who I dearly love, and to be honest my life isn't exactly what I had planned for it to be by now. My time line has been thrown off and at times I feel a bit like a failure. (Side note: in the mind of any reasonable person I am not a failure, but we all know that I am not always reasonable.)

As I pondered this the scenes started running through my head. If you have ever seen a chick-flick you have probably seen the scenes I am talking about.

Nice, but a bit quirky main character returns home from her life off somewhere random. Her friends have all either started families or they are the top execs in their field. She is single, her job is good but not super fancy, and she is bordering on broke. She is happy with her life but when questioned the main character fumbles over excuses and reasons for why her life isn't as perfect as it should be. People whisper and she becomes insecure and awkward, she makes a fool of herself until some price comes and rescues her. She is a woman that has tried great things and failed.

As the dread of living out the scene minus the Prince Charming starting setting in, it occurred to me that every time I see that scene play out, I have my fingers crossed for the main character. After all she is the lead: she is the woman that took a crazy risk, moved to a random place, and tried something brave. This isn't to say that the other women are not equally as amazing, but they offer different inspiration. In fact I will say I look up to and adore them, but I just don't often relate. I relate to and love the mess, the girl that tried and is trying, the girl that is fiercely independent and trying to figure her life out, even when it means mingling at a wedding with well wishers saying "your next" when she don't even know if she wants to be.

So, as I let it sink in that I am nearing that age when attending weddings means trying to explain my life to strangers and dodging the expectation that I either need to become some high power something or head down an aisle, I find it reassuring that when I tell my story it might be messy, but it is the story of a woman that is trying and risking a life a bit less ordinary. It isn't real chick-flick material, but it is real life. And every now and than real life needs some cheesy quotes to put it in perspective.

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