Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fabulous Sunday School Moments

This morning as I had the following conversation with one of the kids in my class as I was getting ready to tell the children their story. I had asked them all to listen to the story all the way through and he raised his hand and asked:

"What if you have heard the story before? Do you still have to listen?"

My response, "Yes, because it is kind of like re-watching you favorite movie, you get to enjoy it again."
He and his classmates did listen to the story, even thought most all of them had heard it before. They listened closely with interest, leaning in with anticipation of how it would end, even though I am sure they all knew. It was inspiring.

To be honest, reading scripture for years has felt redundant to me. It has been challenging to convince myself to labor through Paul's letters and much of the narrative of the Gospels and the Hebrew Bible. I know the stories, I know them by heart, I know the advice Paul gives and I do my very best to be obedient. Still, for ages I have found it challenging to reread the text that I love so much. I still love to study it, research it and over analyze, but I don't really ever just read it and let the story be the thing I enjoy. However, this morning (and many mornings when I teach Sunday School) the story came alive again in the eyes of children, in their reactions to events and injustice, in their interpretation of the lesson.

To be honest I am not one to re-watch movies, but I do think I should follow my own advice: I should re-read the story so because than I get to enjoy it again.

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