Thursday, July 21, 2011


Sitting across from one of my Pastors from Eucharist (one of two churches I am attending right now) I had told the story of my journey with God for the past two years, in my head it was a story on the other side of healing. I am better now.

She responded kindly with how much she appreciated me sharing my process and that I am still in process. Part of me wanted to protest, to declare and defend, "No, I am not broken anymore. God and I are great. I just can't see my self committing to a church in a covenant sense right now, vows and intentional community just didn't work out for me. It was just too idealistic, you can't really expect that much from people when things get that hard, it isn't their fault and I don't want to ask that of anyone again. I have friends; I have community. I am still close with many of the people in my old community and I have my own informal faith community. It just isn't in the church in a formal way anymore."

Instead, I let her words sink in. I am still in process. I am still learning to trust the church again. On the other side of healing, I am a aware that I am as fiercely independent as ever, and if I am not careful I will end up even more stubbornly independent than ever.

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