Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Aline's Closet

This is Aline, the fabulous French woman that owns and designs clothes for Aline's Closet.

For ages I would ride my bike past this little shop and ponder stopping in. All the adorable clothes in the window, the sweet little spot on the corner, the darling doll house above the door: these things beckoned me in.

Finally one day I stopped in. This is when I met Aline and she is the kindest woman! Aline greets customers like welcomed guests and soon to be old friends. She is gracious and kind and all the things you think of when you ponder why all women wish they were french, add to that her store is fabulous.

I have now stopped in many times, and each time I arrive she greets me by name, and tells me about all the little goodies she has filling up her tiny shop. Most of her work comes up-cycled/pre-loved materials she picks up in France and reworks into new and unique pieces. The walls are always full of items I am halfway convinced I can't live without, but I have managed to maintain some self control. However, I will say she is the creator of my favorite feather earring, she made it custom just for me.

The back wall holds a collection of colorful and fun tops.

She has reworked these vintage dresses to update their look. I bought a top from her that was once the top of a 1980s formal, she cut the crazy ruffly skirt off and sold them as separate pieces.

I love the use of old wine cases and branches for decor!

Hand made earrings, all up-cycled materials.

I just love this little seat, it however, is not for sale.

My supper cute bike* with a little pink bag, because I bought something fabulous.

I love supporting local designers that are reworking so much of the excess we have into new and interesting pieces! Seriously, everyone anytime you are in the Lower Haight you should stop in, and if you are never in the Lower Haight, well than you should just find some time to stop in anyway.

*I think this is my first post to have a pic of my bike in it and that is crazy because I am a bit in love with my bike. I mean isn't she soooo cute? As a side note: the next time I take a pic of my bike I will stage it better and not have my helmet hanging off of it, but whatever. If you think my bike is as adorable as I do you can pick on up just like her at Pedal Revolution, and right now there are even more really amazing colors! They have a lavender one, seriously, go get a bike.

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