Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I watched this documentary this weekend. It wasn't revolutionary, but it was inspiring. I didn't learn anything I didn't know, but I remembered the importance of doing the things I was made for. It was an reminder that researching, learning, painting, crafting, cleaning, running, and other avenues where I find my personal rhythm are not frivolous but they are part of how I thrive and therefore part of how I am happy.

So, I am throwing a party this Saturday, because I LOVE hosting. I am going to create a reading list of all the books I feel intimidated by the fact I haven't read (mostly business books) and I am going to read them. I am going to skip going out so that I can write and run.

Source: flickr.com via Amy on Pinterest

I am going to find my sweet spot, my flow, because the truth is I was not a great student (my papers were often late and poorly edited), but I LOVED to learn. I miss it. At first I believed people that said I missed it because it was all I had known, but 3 years post graduation I can tell you: I find my joy in stacks of books and useless knowledge, and I don't think that is a bad thing. As someone that is no longer a graduate student it might not be acceptable for me to skip social events to read, but I might start doing it again soon. This will be challenging as I am spazticaly social, but I am determined to find my flow, and I think it might be hiding in a book somewhere.

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