Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dear Internet, You are stressing me out!

("U.S. Army Photo", number 163-12-62. Left: Patsy Simmers, holding ENIAC board Next: Mrs. Gail Taylor, holding EDVAC board Next: Mrs. Milly Beck, holding ORDVAC board Right: Mrs. Norma Stec, holding BRLESC-I board found here)

Last night all 4 amazing women in my home were working on getting our internet to work. We have not had consistent internet in 2 weeks and it is really messing up my rhythm. So this is my apology for less than stellar posts despite the fact I am living a pretty stellar life.

In fact the stress of attempting to post daily while not really having internet is starting to get old, so you might not hear from me this weekend. I will go back to old fashioned pen and paper for my journaling these next few days. I think it will be good for my soul. (as will sushi, karaoke, and my other weekend adventures)

So enjoy your weekend. I will be enjoying mine.

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