Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Weekend: I want to redo my bed...

(I found this at sfgirlbay and it is originally from the animal print shop. If only I had less stuff and could have such a simply relaxing room.)

(Image found here and I forgot what blog I saw it on first. Sorry. But, oh how I love the flowers!!)

(This fabulously mix-matched chaos is most like my room and I love it. Check it out at design is mine and living etc.)

This weekend should result in some of the relaxing I have been begging for (two weekends in a row!! I am thrilled!!) As part of the relaxing I am hoping to organize and redecorate some of the chaos that is my room. Someday I will be getting some new bedding but for now I am just getting inspired to clean my room!

And if all of this wasn't inspiration enough, check out this Design*Sponge Post!

more bed photos to love can be found in the mix of images on this photographers site.

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