Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday Morning Rambling

(Photo taken by me of some sidewalk art on Mission Street in 2008)

Most of my posts lately have just been images and quotes, not a lot of self reflection for the internet to read. This is in part the result of my Mac deciding that it will not turn on and partly because I have been too busy with my life to post about it.

A friend of mine commented the other day that he didn't really get what my blog was about. Here it is: it is about nothing and everything, it is about the beauty I find all over the place and celebrating the healing process, and birdcages and ships and whatever strikes me as interesting in a day, week, or moment.

To be honest with my crazy schedule I miss posting about my Sundays in the park and running around all day on Saturdays. I like thinking about my day each day and asking myself what I am learning and attempting to formulate something meaningful to post here. I also like how into this little thing I am. I mean really how is this any different than my face book or twitter? I have no idea. I think I like that I have more than 140 characters, and people who come to this page do it on purpose. I like that I only have 22 followers (instead of my over 800 friends). I like that I can pretend this is small and no one really reads it, but I also love when I get a comment, so I know that someone does. I find it shocking when my blog comes up in conversation with someone that I never figured would read it. I love it when guys read it, because I feel like it is very much written assuming my audience is female. I like it when I get the focus and time to post about the books I am reading with more than just a few short sentences. I love it when my posts result in responses that make me think even more about what it was that I was already pondering. I also really like just posting pictures.

When I started this thing almost 3 years ago I posted a photo of a heart that I had seen spray painted on Mission Street to represent this little thing. The anatomically correct heart sums this little blogspot up: this is just my heart on the internet, honest and exposed.

If you read me let know. I would like this thing to be a bit more of a conversation.

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