Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rickshaw bags

(Fabulously simple signage, very San Francisco. I am not sure why we make it so hard to find all the good places.)

(Store interior: love the vintage couch!)

(So, Rickshaw has a rickshaw, obviously.)

(And what the store is all about: the amazing bags.)

(Bags, bags everywhere!)

(Best part: The bags are custom! You get to pick your fabric! These are a bit more expensive because they are small batch printed organic cotton. Beautiful.)

So late last week I was walking around down in the Dog Patch (a neighborhood I never spend time in, but should, Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous is evidence of that fact, as is Rickshaw, the place I am blogging about.) Anyway, I popped into Rickshaw to order my new custom Zero Messenger Bag. I had a LivingSocial deal for it and was so excited to pick out my three fabrics.

It was a fabulously fun experience. The walk in retail shop is super small and super fabulous. The customer service was amazing and provided by the marketing guy, yes the company is that small (small is good). He was super nice and patient with me as I am very indecisive about colors and fabrics and textures and all of the details that go into customizing a bag. The owner offered me a tour when I asked him if I could take a few photos for my blog - it was a factory tour and I really might have to take him up on it when I go back (my bus was driving up just as he was making the offer and I really had to run.) Seriously, you have to love super nice approachable people.

Anyway, I have to talk about how I love them for a few reasons.
  1. I am finally a real urban girl with a messenger bag! (or at least I will be in 8 days when my custom bag is ready).
  2. The bags are zero waist. That is impressive.
  3. I love India so I have to love Rickshaws (even if they are originally from Japan.)
  4. They are hand made.
  5. The company has partnered with Ashbury Images to print some of their bags and they love bikes from Pedal Revolution. Plus, as we talked they mentioned partnering with At the Cross Roads. In short they are investing in the community of San Francisco.
  6. They make the bags in San Francisco! (Do you know how expensive it is to produce things here? It is crazy, but so vital to our local economy.)

Anyway, I just wanted to rave about Rickshaw. If you need a bag you should check them out. They ship everywhere so you don't have to an SF person to enjoy their awesomeness. I plan to post some pics of my bag when I get it later this week.

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Anonymous said...

I love this!!! I want to go! When I visit San Fran, I will so check them out. What an inspiration for a small designer, much like myself. This is what I want my guests to experience when they walk in my retail store one day. :) Love. :)

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