Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Evening Post

Summer has finally begun in San Francisco! I laid in the park today soaking in the rare sun. I am so excited to finally be hot!! I love heat!

Laying in the sum was both a celebration of San Francisco summer and the re-beginning of a crew of lovely ladies meeting up regularly to be present with each other on our faith journeys (summer was a crazy season for all of us so we have not met in ages, but this morning we began again). It is a crazy thing to do, to be with people no matter where they are at in the journey to know and be known. I am so grateful for my ladies. They have given me courage to make hard choices, challenged me to follow through with difficult tasks, and given me the freedom to be where I am. This morning Lisette made me so happy when she simply declared "I don't care what is normal."

So here is to not being normal. Here is to Summer that starts after the first official day of fall, and community, and ministry not looking like I always thought it would.

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